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Job 17:9
(The Righteous WILL Grow Stronger)

"Nevertheless, the righteous will hold to their ways,

and those with clean hands will grow stronger."


QUESTIONS for personal evaluation:

[Though Job 17:9 is the primary focus of this study, include anything else you may have learned from the Bible about this topic.]

A look at the passage

A look at your life

Compare your life with what it was 1, 5 or 10 years ago. (This, of course, assumes that you have been a Christian for that length of time, or longer.) Are you still holding to the ways of God? Are you stronger (as defined by the Bible)? Have you found verses such as Romans 8:28 to be true in your life?

If your answer is "yes"...
If your answer is "no"...
If your answer is "a mixed yes and no"...
If you could not answer this question because you have been a Christian for only a short time...
If you could not answer this question because you are not a Christian...

Additional things you can think about:

People tend to be inconsistent in the way we live. Sometimes Godly people have temporary setbacks in their walk with Christ. In contrast, people who do not know God may act "Christian" for a while - perhaps to a degree that others think that they are genuine believers. Yet there is a difference between long-term lifestyle and temporary "setbacks." The "setback" will someday cease to exist; the lifestyle will define your character forever.

We can rest assured that everything will ultimately result in good in the Christian's life. At the present, however, we cannot guarantee that everything in life will be pleasant, or that we will understand all the reasons for everything that happens to us. (Some of our questions may not get answered until we see Christ.) There will be trials, persecutions, and more - and if Romans 8:28 is true, it applies to all of them. Because of this (and for your own encouragement), you may wish to reflect on some of the following questions:

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