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Discussion Questions: Dealing with internal pain and hurt

(With an Emphasis on "Cutting")

What causes YOU internal pain and hurt?

[If so, then maybe you can understand the way others may also feel. You can be as kind and accepting of others, as you want them to be of you.]

- - - - - - -

If you have practiced cutting (now or in the past) ...

[Many issues go beneath the obvious visible issues.]

If YES, then what have you been doing to stop cutting yourself?
If NO, then why are you unwilling to accept what it says?


If you have never practiced cutting ...

[Maybe you should ask them what they think would help. This could include something you could do, or something you could stop doing (if your actions are contributing to their problem).]

[It is easy to hurt someone; difficult to undo the damage. Think before you act!]

[Your actions have consequences even when you don't know what they will be, or what the other person is struggling with.]

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