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A Poem About
Commitment to God

I stand before thee, Lord.
I have nothing to offer.
There is only my life.
I lay it before thy throne.
Lord, Please,
Take my life,
Mold me,
And prepare me
For that life you have for me.
Let me give my all.
Let me.
Let you,
Say what is to be done with it.
Help me, Lord,
Take me,
Prepare me,
Use me!

This poem reflects a desire to be totally committed to God. Quite sadly, however, such commitments are not always permanent. For some, it will be the cry of a heart that has been changed by the Living God. For others, it will be based on the emotion of the moment - and as emotions change, so will the commitment.

Whenever I read this poem, it leaves me with sadness. The author was once a friend. But she found herself in a situation in which she had to make a decision... and she chose to abandon, to sacrifice, everything she had in Christ. A few years after she wrote this poem, even her closest, most intimate friends knew nothing of her whereabouts.

I still hope that she someday repents. I hope that this poem will someday become the cry of her heart and mind, and not just her emotions.

Dennis Hinks © 1999 (my comments)