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Keeping God's Word

A Requirement for Survival in the Last Days

(Verses in the book of Revelation)

In these passages, the term "God's Word" refers to the message of the Bible. These verses may specifically focus on Jesus' words, on God's commands, or on the prophecy of the book of Revelation; but it's all God's Word.

What does it mean to "keep" God's Word?

It doesn't mean...

It does mean...

If you aren't "keeping" God's Word...

The need to "keep" God's Word in your heart

You have a moral obligation do it; God commands that you do it.

If you do it...

The possibility of trials in our lives

In addition to God's Word, we also need to "keep" God's works. We need to do what he says.


Being ready for Jesus' coming is like keeping one's clothes on - Revelation16:15. Don't be caught unprepared!

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