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The "Fruit of Salvation"

What type of characteristics will exist in a disciple's life? What will be the "fruit" (consequences and evidence) of his salvation?

Many people misunderstand what the "fruit of salvation" is, because they have confused "being a disciple" with "religion." The two are not the same. Though a disciple may do some types of religious activities, these activities are not what defines him.

Scripture makes it clear that many of the activities which people often associate with "being Christian" can also be done by fakes and counterfeits. That being the case, such characteristics are not the "fruit of salvation" - at least the type of fruit that proves a person is a disciple. Some of these include:

So what are the characteristics which do distinguish between a genuine disciple and a fake? Characteristics which the fakes cannot do! They may try to imitate them, but eventually they will be recognized for the fakes they are. Some of these characteristics include:

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