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Responding to Excuses

(For the Lack of "Fruit" in One's Life)

"I'm saved... I'm just not living it."

This is a contradiction! Look at your fruit, not at your claims. If you display the wrong fruit, there is legitimate reason for others to question your claim to be a disciple of Jesus. (Jesus himself questions it.) Remember that there is such a thing as a "temporary believer"; there is such a thing as a "fake." You need to repent and be changed!

"The preacher said..."

What did Jesus say? That's all that matters.

"All these religious authorities [insert a list of names here] disagree with you."

Don't believe me; believe what Jesus says. Follow the example of Acts 17:11, and don't accept what I say or what anyone else says (including those religious "authorities"), unless it agrees with what the Bible says.

(If they're not willing to do this, then there probably isn't much more you can say.)

Dennis Hinks © 2004