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The Adventure of Following Jesus

- The Way of the Disciple -

PART 3 - Being a Hero

God Makes it Possible

He has given us heroes of the past, to learn from

He has given us everything we need, to do great things

God Shows Us What a True Hero is

(The world LIES to us.)

* The world lies to us, about what constitutes a hero. *

Characteristics of a True Hero (Contrasted to the World's False Perception of a Hero)

Humble, not proud.

Weak, not strong.

Last, not first; servant, not ruler.

Working together, not competing against each other.

Hated by the world, rather than loved by it.

Some more comments about being a servant / slave

Everyone is a slave to something.

We are either a slave to righteousness or a slave to sin.

Two examples we should consider

Jesus... the ultimate example.

The apostle Paul... one of the best human examples.

Being a Hero Isn't Easy

We can expect opposition and difficulties

Consider the way they treated Jesus. Since they treated our master that way, it's just natural that they would also treat us that way.

When we endure these trials, we are becoming more like Christ. And if we share in his suffering, we will also share in his glory. (This is guaranteed!)

God will use these trials as discipline, to purify us. (And when he does this, it will also show that we are his children.)

We may have difficulties... but the day is coming, in which the world is going to have it a lot worse.

Focus on Jesus and eternity... and don't give-up.

We have a good reason to not give-up when trials come

We have a power from God that is greater than any trial we may face.

God himself helps us in our journey.

Come what may, the end result is guaranteed!

We can expect our trials to accomplish great things.

To Think About...

  1. How does God's concept of being "great" compare to the "greatness" that you often hear the world talk about?

  2. What are some good examples of people trying to accomplish great things? Some bad examples? For each example:
  3. What are some ways you can be a hero?

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