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Disciple Questions

Each of these questions, if seriously considered, will reflect your values in various areas of life.
These values (and the accompanying actions) will be a better indicator of whether or not you are a follower of Jesus,
than your words and claims will be. (Matthew 7:21-23)

Do you love what Jesus hates?

How do you spend your "free time"? (It reflects your values.)

How do you spend your money?

What message is being communicated by the music you listen to?

What types of activities do you watch on television or at the movies? Do you find sin and sinful conduct to be entertaining?

What do you read?

What do you tend to think about, when you have the opportunity to think about anything you want?

How seriously do you take the Ten Commandments?

How many days of the week does the Bible influence your choices? How often during a typical day does it influence your choices?

In how many areas of your life does the Bible not influence your choices?

How often do you know what you ought to do, but you choose to not do it?

How often do you "sacrifice" your own desires, for the sake of doing what benefits other people?

How often do you "sacrifice" your own desires, for the sake of God's kingdom?

How often do you try to find out what the Bible says on an issue - and then use what you discovered to determine how you are going to think and act?

When you make choices, how often do you think about the impact that your choices will have on your ability to follow Jesus?

Do you want to go to heaven because you want to "feel good" (instead of burning in the lake of fire) or because you love Jesus and want to worship and serve him forever? In other words, is your desire for heaven focused on yourself or on God?

How much effort do you put into following Jesus?

Do you recognize the difference between "following Jesus" and "being a reasonably good person"?

Are you following Jesus or just being a religious person?

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