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Participation in "Church Activities"

Answer these questions:

You do have an obligation to follow Jesus. This means...

But you have no obligation to...

Your job is to build up God's people (which God calls the "church"). You have no obligation to build up a man-made institution (which many people wrongly call the "church").

If you want to participate in some of the programs and activities that the man-made institution has invented, you are free to do so - provided they don't interfere with anything you have a genuine obligation to do. Otherwise, leave those things to the "church goers" who don't mind being "religious," but who have no serious desire to follow Jesus. They can take care of those man-made programs, which build up the man-made "church." You, in contrast, can focus on the things they can't take care of: building up the "church" that God created!

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