The Unique and Unstoppable Word of God

Though written down by men, it is not possible for the Bible to have originated in human thinking. Though written by about 40 people from many different walks of life, across 15 centuries, from several nations on 3 continents, its message stands as a unified whole. This just doesn't happen when humans are in control of things. Furthermore, what is says (when accepted "as is") is too different from anything that comes natural to the human mind.

More than that, its accuracy is confirmed by each detail found in it. This ranges from archaeological discoveries that verify its historical accuracy, to the effects is has on changing the lives of those who truly accept it. (It won't necessarily have a positive effect not those who merely get "religious.")

Though hand-copied down through the centuries (before the printing press was invented), its message remains intact, unlike any other ancient document. More manuscripts exist for the Bible, than for any other ancient document. Any variations between these hand-written manuscripts result in no differences of major significance. No other ancient text can boast this.

The Bible is the most hated and most loved book of all time. Some consider it worth dying for; others are eager to make them die. Interestingly, there is no group of teachings that people have tried to imitate or distort, as much as the Bible. It is attacked more than any other book; yet it has always been proved right in the end.

Psalm 119 is the attitude of those who truly love it. Not every follower of the Bible has reached the point described in these verses, but they are becoming more like the person whose words are recorded there - whose love for God's Word was so great, that it took 176 verses to describe it.

People may try to destroy the Bible and persecute those who follow it. But its power cannot be extinguished. In the end, their attempts are like pouring water on a gasoline fire. Its influence continues to spread. Even if a group were successful in eradicating it from their own locality (to their own ultimate loss), its influence will spring up somewhere else.

Another way that people may try to attack the Bible is by diluting its message - thus reducing it to near meaninglessness. Down through history, counterfeit teachers have tried to turn the way of truth into a "religion," rather than a relationship with the King of Kings. They have often persecuted the true followers of Jesus Christ, and tried to hinder those who might be coming to Christ. Often they give the truth a bad reputation among people who do not recognize their counterfeit nature. Though it may take a while, they will someday be recognized for what they are, and the truth will burst forth with new vigor.

God has promised to pay back those who attack his Word and his people, for the evil they have done. As he has promised, his Word will outlast both heaven and earth. God will also remember the faithfulness of those who belong to him - his followers from all centuries and from all parts of the world. In both cases - for the evil and the righteous - it will be just as Jesus warned long ago: by their "fruit" - the true consequences of their actions - they will ultimately be recognized.