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Meditation: The Lifestyle of a Christian

The righteous/blessed one does it.: Meditation as a FACT

PART 1: It Is a Characteristic of the Blessed One

Psalm 1 - He does it. Therefore he is blessed! [This is contrasted with the wicked.]

PART 2: When Does He Do It?

Psalm 1:2 - Day and Night

Psalm 63:6 - "I think about you all night long"

Psalm 119:97, 148 - All day long (v. 97) and all night (v. 148)



Psalm 63:3 - "On my bed."

Psalm 48:9 - At the place of worship ("within your temple").

[Many other passages exist, but they don't have the specific word "meditate" in the context.]

Such a lifestyle is our goal. As we grow in Christ, we will increase in this!



  1. When do you think about God and his Word? Do you omit him from parts of your life? Is there any area of your life in which he doesn't deserve to have a part? 

  2. If there is an area of your life that you are excluding him from, what are you going to do about it? [You may have to explore this issue further, before you can give a full answer to this question.]

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