The BIBLE Reading Chart

In PDF Format

The PDF form of the chart is designed to be printed on both sides of a standard sheet of paper, and then folded into thirds.In my opinion, it is more visually pleasing than the web format,and I prefer using it.

In HTML Format

It was not easy writing this in html format, and the file sizes are larger than the PDF. But if you need it, here it is:

For the html format, the pages open into separate browser windows, so once you print a page, close it and then click the link (on this page) for the next part of the chart.

About the html format "TWO PAGE Edition":

I did everything I could to squeeze all the information onto two pages. It works with my printer, but I cannot guarantee it will work with yours. (Let me know if it doesn't work with your printer, and I'll try to squeeze it together a little bit more. It may look more cluttered, though.)

About the html format "LARGE PRINT Edition":

This is an attempt to put everything on 4 pages, using a larger font size.