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This is an ongoing project involving several websites, along with links to various others. Having just begun, much of this page will remain undeveloped for a while.


My website.


This is comprised of articles (mostly short stories and easy-to-read articles) by a pastor at a church in Cleveland, Ohio.


[This site is currently not active. Though some articles are located here, newer ones have been incorporated into the main Journal 33 website.]
This site is for friends in the city - teens, youth workers, etc. Also included are some of my own comments about what it is like to be a part of this great group of people.


"Mission Moment" at Broadway Christian Church. Not necessarily about "missionaries," but about our mission in life, as followers of Jesus. (Most of these are PDF's of visual presentations comprised of pictures and text.)

Our Purpose & Goals

Most, if not all, of the articles in this group of websites are compatible with the position described in the article, "The Bible: God's Word to All People." Your reaction to this "starting point" - whether you accept or reject it - will strongly influence your perspective on most or all of the other articles.

The use of these materials

ALL articles on this website may be copied and used for teaching/learning purposes. For more information, go to the "make copies" link at the top of this page. Some of the Bible translations we quote may have certain restrictions, and you will have to make sure you follow their guidelines.

  • Note that this permission does not apply to any links we may include to other websites. (In that case, you need to follow their own guidelines.)

Links to other websites

A link to another website does not indicate that we endorse everything on that website. But if you examine it with the same attitude as we want you to have with ours (see the "Purpose and Goals," above), then you will be able to benefit greatly from some of the things you find there.
  • Note that the omission of a website does not indicate that we disagree with it.
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