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Marriage and Sexual Sin

PART 4 - God Forgives Sexual Sins

Psalm 51

a. This psalm is a confession of sins from someone who committed adultery and then had the woman's husband killed.

Who was this person? ________________________________________________
  The following verses reflect his repentant attitude - an attitude you need to have, if you have committed sexual sin. (The principle is applicable to other sins, as well.) 
b. (v. 2-3) ____________________ me clean from my ___________________, and __________________ me from my ____________________ . For I know (recognize) my _______________________, and my _________________ is ever before me.
c. (v. 10) Create in me a ___________________________, and renew a ___________________________ within me.

(v. 11) Do not cast me away from your ______________________ and do not take your _____________________________ from me.

e. (v. 12) Restore to me the _______________________________________________________________.
f. What is more important than doing religious activities (v. 16-17)?

Luke 15:11-30
(NOTE: "Prodigal" means being recklessly extravagant or wasteful. Sexual sin was just one of the sins he committed.)

a. How many brothers were there? __________ Which one decided to leave? _______________________
b. Where did he go when he got his inheritance? ______________________________________________
c. What kind of living did he waste his fathers money on? _______________________________________
d. What did he almost do when he had spent all his money? _____________________________________
e. When did things begin to change; what did he have to realize?
f. What decision did he make? ____________________________________________________________
g. How did his Father react to his decision? __________________________________________________
h. How did his brother react? ____________________________________ What was the sin of the younger brother (as described by the older brother)? ____________________________________
i. Complete the explanation the father gave: Your brother was ______________ and is ______________, was ______________ and is ______________ .

John 8:1-12

a. What sexual sin had the women committed? ________________________________________________
b. What was her punishment going to be, according to the Old Testament Law? (See also Deuteronomy 22:22.)
c. What statement did Jesus make to the religious leaders, that caused them to leave?
Note that Jesus wasn't just saying, "Nobody's perfect," or that sin shouldn't be condemned. Rather, he was pointing out the fact that, at that very moment, there was an even worse sin being committed.


Look at verse 3 and compare it to the passage in Deuteronomy. You may want to ask, "Where was the guilty man?" (You can't be "caught in the act of adultery" all by yourself!) If the religious leaders let the man go free, yet planned to punish the woman, whose sin was greater - the woman's or the religious leaders'? Explain why.

e. Did Jesus condemn her to be stoned to death? ___________________ According to Deuteronomy 19:15, how many witnesses needed to be present? ____________________________________ At this point in time, how many witnesses were present? (Note that Jesus was not a witness of the sin.) _____________________________
f. What did Jesus say, to let her (and us) know that her actions were sinful, and that she needed to change her ways?

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