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Paul's Prayers - An Example for Us to Follow

– What Do You Pray About? –


APPENDIX 2 - a More In-depth Look at Patterns We Find, When We Examine Paul's Prayer Requests for Himself


This is a more in-depth look at some of the interesting patterns we can find, when we look at the general context of the prayer requests that are made (or requested) for Paul:

1. Every time Paul asked people to pray for him, he first prayed for them. Also, in two of these passages, he first asked them to make prayer a part of their lifestyle and to pray for Christians everywhere, before he asked them to pray specifically for him. When he finally did ask them to pray for him, his primary focus was on what would result in the most good for others, rather than on what would be the most pleasant for himself.


2. Every time Paul acknowledged the prayers of others for him, he focused on God as the one who would answer their prayers. Also, somewhere in each letter, he told them the things he prayed for them.

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