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Mary - Accepting God's Will...

Even When it Could Be Frightening and People Might Misunderstand


NOTE to the instructor: A major focus should be on Mary's character traits. These would include: 1) a willingness to accept God-given opportunity, and 2) a willingness to trust and obey God, regardless of the consequences.


A LOOK AT THE BIBLE (three basic issues in Luke 1:26-38):


What were Mary's plans? [Verse 27] What opportunity did she suddenly face, which could totally change her future? [Verses 26-31]

1b. How could she have responded? How did she respond? (Focus on values, attitude and character.) [Verse 38]


Initially, she did not know that the Holy Spirit was going to be involved. All Mary knew was that she was going to have a son who would become a king. [Verses 32 - 33] In verse 34, she asks an obvious question... "How?"

2b. There are two ways to ask such a question: 1) with an attitude of distrust and unbelief; and 2) with an attitude of trust and a desire to clearly understand God's will. How would you describe Mary's attitude? Why?

3a. Mary receives the answer in vs. 35-37. The key verse is probably v. 37: "Nothing is impossible with God." What does this mean? [This phrase "nothing is impossible with God" is in a context - the context of God enabling a person to do his will. Actually, there are some things that are impossible for God to do! For instance, he cannot lie - Hebrews 6:18.]

3b. How might people misunderstand, if Mary accepts this opportunity God has given her? How does that influence her final decision? [Verse 38] (Answer - it doesn't influence her decision.)



1. Have you ever been faced with unexpected opportunities to do something? How about something that was wonderful but frightening, and which might be misunderstood by others? What could you learn from Mary's example? In what way could you apply the statement, "Nothing is impossible with God" to your situation? (Remember that this statement was given within the context of being empowered to do God's will.)

2a. Have you ever had questions you wanted to ask God? What was your attitude, when you had those questions? What could you learn from Mary's example? [We won't necessarily have an angel to give us an answer, but we have God's Word. God also uses circumstances in life to guide us.]
2b. [OPTIONAL] How would you respond if God didn't want you to know (at least for now) the answer to your question?



Pick one aspect of this lesson and show the rest of us what you have learned. Your goal is to show us how we can apply these truths to our lives. Do whatever you wish, to accomplish this.

You may wish to tell us about something you have personally experienced. You may wish to illustrate with other people's experiences, or give a typical example. You may use a skit, a short talk, question and answer, visual aids, etc.

Dennis Hinks 2004

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