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(and being proud of it!)

Colossians 2:18
Do not let those who delight in false humility [and the other "spiritual experiences" he boasts about] disqualify you for the prize [the prize = everything we have been given in Christ - compare with v.9-10a.]

Colossians 2:23
[All the self-imposed practices by which they try to impress others & gain God's favor, including...] their false ("self-made") humility: all these things lack any value in restraining or controlling sensual indulgence. These things may restrain one's activities, but they don't change the HEART! [Contrasted with what we experience in Christ!]

[Note: In the above passages, the word "false" has been added in some translations, because the context implies it. These people are acting "lowly" in an attempt to GAIN "SPIRITUALITY" or favor with God. The humble person the Bible speaks favorably about does NOT attempt to gain favor through lowering himself. He just desires to be honest about himself - about his lowliness before the God of creation (who deserves to be exalted above all else).


NOTE: In this section, focus on YOUR OWN humility (or lack of it), rather than trying to evaluate everyone else's humility (whether it is genuine or false)!

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