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The victories described here impact all of reality. Because of them, the victory of God's people, and the defeat of God's enemies, is guaranteed. Nothing can change these facts.



A. God has victory over all challenges of his integrity

  1. He overcomes / has victory over all accusations people make against him; they are always proven false - Romans 3:4.



A.  He has (and will have) victory over this sinful world, over the Devil, etc.

  1. Over this sinful world: He has overcome / had victory over the present world system - John 16:33.

  2. Over the kingdoms ruled by the "beast" (a reference to the evil powers which will be ruling over the world at the end of this age): He will overcome / have victory over them - Revelation 17:14.

  3. Over the devil, illustrated by a parable: A strong (and fully armed) man can keep his possessions safe, until someone who is stronger attacks and overpowers / has victory over him. Then the stronger man can take away all the possessions and armor that the first man had - Luke 17:21-22.

B About his victory

  1. He is the victor - Revelation 5:5.

  2. He will be victor because he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords - Revelation 17:14.

  3. Because of his victory, he can take for himself people who originally belonged to the devil (illustrated by a parable): He overpowers / has victory over the devil - Luke 17:21-22.

  4. Through him, justice will have victory over injustice. Jesus is the "chosen instrument" who will bring the "victory of justice" - Matthew 12:20.

C. What his victory means for him

  1. He now sits on the throne of God and rules with his Father, because he has overcome / had victory - Revelation 3:21b.

  2. He alone has the right to open the sealed book (scroll); he alone is worthy. He has overcome all obstacles, by becoming a sacrificial lamb (see section B1) - Revelation 5:5 and context.

D. What his victory means for us

  1. We can have peace and can take courage when we are in the midst of trials, because he (our leader and master) has had the victory - John 16:33.

  2. We will sit with Jesus and will rule with him, if we are willing to overcome / have victory, as he did - Revelation 3:21.

  3. We who are the "chosen and faithful followers" will share in Jesus' victory over the kingdoms ruled by the "beast" (a reference to the evil powers which will be ruling over the world at the end of this age) - Revelation 17:14.

Jesus' victory is a reality now. However, the loser (the devil) is still on the run, creating havoc until the time that he, and all who choose to follow him, are permanently removed from the scene. In the meantime, Jesus is using the devil's havoc to bring people to himself.

The devil is described as a "strong man," who Jesus has become the victor over (Luke 11:21-22). This fact can be a great source of encouragement for us. It shows us that, if we have yielded our lives to Jesus, he has the power to keep us. We do not have to be afraid that the devil will capture us back. [Those who "clean up" their lives, but who don't become disciples (followers and learners) of Jesus have plenty of reasons to fear. There is nothing to prevent the devil (or his demons) from returning in even greater numbers - Luke 11:24-26.]

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