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Love when interacting with other people - Romans 12:14 (Blessing those who persecute us.)
Our obligation to bless those who persecute (willfully harm) us.

Six separate articles looking at different aspects of this issue.
[This is a continuation of the series of presentations: "Romans 12:9-21 - Sincere, Unhypocritical Love."]
Having God-Honoring Priorities There are numerous Scripture passages that show us how different moral obligations relate to each other - how some of them take priority over others. This is important to know, in any situation where there is a conflict between two obligations! These principles are described in somewhat greater detail (with more Scripture support) in this "Mission Moment" presentation: Guidelines for determining priorities in sharing. 3/2/17
Scripture principles about generosity An attempt to summarize the obligations and prohibitions Scripture gives us on the topic of sharing and generosity. Based on a "Mission Moment" series about sharing; the original article can be found here (at the bottom of the presentation): New Testament instructions on how and when to share. 3/2/17
Love for God's people - verse 13 (Fellowship, Sharing, etc.)
Issues related to fellowship and sharing among God's people. This is based on Romans 12:13; but the broader topic (as found throughout the New Testament) is also examined.

Nine separate articles can be accessed at the bottom of the page.
[This is a continuation of the series of presentations: "Romans 12:9-21 - Sincere, Unhypocritical Love."]
Sin Is NOT an Option! Those verses about the obligation to be holy and righteous are just as real as those verses about forgiveness and love; but the false gospel likes to ignore them. After a few comments about the issue, this article shows that it's not just a few isolated verses that mention something about obedience, but it's a theme in Scripture! 1/23/17
ALL "Broadway Christian Church Mission Moment" pages I believe they are all now mobile-friendly for smart phones, etc. 1/20/17
I Killed Jesus (Written by a friend.) Looks at 2 issues related to Jesus' death: (1) the reason for it, and (2) our response to it. 1/1/17
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Holidays and Special Occasions - Two new articles on this page.

"Christmas 2016 - Our greatest NEED and gifts to help take care of it" - Our greatest need is not physical, but spiritual - and in this matter, all of us are needy. At the end of this presentation, some "gifts" are provided (website articles) to encourage us in this matter.

"New Year's Day 2017 - Goals for the new year" - It is good for us to make goals for the year - realistic goals that enable us to live the life of one who follows Jesus!

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God's Word: Introduction
Meditation - Thinking About the Bible

I have updated these two pages to include a link (at the bottom of the pages) to a different website that has Psalm 119 set to music. This chapter in the Psalms contains 176 verses about the value of God's Word. It is my view that, if this chapter influences your attitude toward the Bible, it will influence your entire life. And singing it (a form of "meditating" on it) is one of the ways it can happen.

1 John 4:18 - Love and Fear

This passage describes a type of "fear" that is not compatible with "love." False teachers sometimes use this verse (out of context), when attacking the concept of "fear of God" (which they claim is incompatible with "love for God").

Love for God's people
[A continuation of the series of presentations: "Romans 12:9-21 - Sincere, Unhypocritical Love." Verses 10-13 focus on the issue of "love for other Christians."]

PART 2 (Romans 12:12) - This verse focuses on the basic attitude toward life that we, as God's people, should always have (joyful, patient, prayerful)... and why we should have such an attitude.


PART 1 (Romans 12:10-11) - These two verses deal with love and honor for other Christians, and the way we should live all of life as Jesus' servant (slave).

Introduction to: "Romans 12:9-21 - Sincere, Unhypocritical Love"

This is the introduction section from a series of presentations: "Romans 12:9-21 - Sincere, Unhypocritical Love." This section (verses 9 and 21) introduces us to the New Testament concept of "love," and shows us how we should respond to "evil vs. good."

Assurance of Salvation (FINAL 3 SECTIONS):
1) Separation from the world and its ways; 2) Growing in grace; and 3) A life characterized by obedience

This "Assurance of Salvation" series of presentations is now complete, with these final three topics having been added. The "Mission Moment" website (where these presentations are) has been redesigned and made "mobile friendly," for those not looking at them with a desktop computer. THE LINKS TO THESE SECTIONS ARE NEAR THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.