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Genesis - an Overview to the Book


This is a book of historical "beginnings"

Some interesting things about this book


Common themes in the book of Genesis


Something to do


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* NOTE - regarding the two main sections of the book of Genesis:

The difference between Genesis 1:1-2:3 and the rest of the book should be emphasized. It should be remembered that the first chapter is not one of the ten "eyewitness" accounts (events observed by humans), but is something that God alone could witness. The Genesis 1 account of creation is separate from the creation account that is found in chapter 2:4-25, which focuses on the man and the woman.

This fact is important because many people try to use various statements mentioned in the second account, torn out of context, to discredit what is said in the first account. One such example is the use of the word "day," in chapter 2:4, which may be interpreted as figuratively representing the entire creation week of chapter 1. Some people try to superimpose this figurative use into chapter 1, in an attempt to do away with its natural meaning of "24-hour time period."

For more about this issue, see: "A Look at the Word "Day" in Genesis 1"

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