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The Adventure of Following Jesus

- The Way of the Disciple -

PART 4 - You Must Decide

Are You Willing to Be a Hero?  Are you willing to be a disciple?

Are you willing to accomplish great things?

You must Choose the Way You Will Go

Make an Informed Decision

You must consider the cost of being a disciple of Jesus.

You must also consider the cost of NOT being a disciple.

What type of foundation do you want for your life?

You've heard what the Bible says. There are four ways you can respond.

Jesus describes these four ways in a parable about a farmer who was planting seed: Matthew 13:1-15; Mark 4:1-12; Luke 8:4-10

Describe the 4 types of hearers. Write down the differences between:

What is the end result for each type of hearer? Which is the disciple?

REMEMBER: "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." (These words were written by Jim Elliot, a missionary who was killed by headhunters in Ecuador.)

Respond God's Offer of Salvation

The reason you have this opportunity: It is because of his kindness, love and patience.

The fact that this offer of salvation will not last forever.

**Don't let this happen to you.**

Consider the Facts:

Remembering what being a disciple is all about (Reviewing the things emphasized in Parts 1, 2, and 3 in this study).

The way of the disciple has been described as an adventure.

What does it mean to be a disciple?

Why is it described as an adventure? (Also: Why do some people not consider it an adventure?)

The way of the disciple requires making a choice: To become one, you must choose to do so.

How can you become one? (The focus here is on YOUR responsibility. It does not deny the role God has in accomplishing the changes.)

The way of the disciple requires a change - you have a responsibility to learn from Jesus, to be his follower.

If you accept the way of the disciple, how will that affect your life?

The way of the disciple will require you to go against the ways (and views) of the world.

How does the world's view of being a hero (or being a success) contradict the Bible?

To Think About - Evaluating Yourself and Choosing Your Path

1. Which type of hearer are you?

2. Having examined what it means to be a disciple, are you one, according to the Bible?

If "NO": If you are NOT a disciple, you must decide whether or not to become one.

If "YES": If you are a disciple, there are also things you must decide.

** The choice is yours. **

Psalm 131 reflects the heart of a disciple. As one of God's "heroes," he may accomplish great things, but these are not his his consuming passion or his ultimate goal in life. His goal is to rest in God, and to trust God to accomplish through him the great things that he, by himself, could never do.


Psalm 131

LORD, my heart is not filled with proud ambitions;
my eyes are not lifted up in arrogance:

I do not preoccupy myself with heroic exploits
and mighty accomplishments.

But I have calmed and quieted my restless soul,
content like a child resting in its mother's arms.
My soul is like a contented, resting child.

O Israel, be content to put your hope in the LORD,
both now and forevermore.


Dennis Hinks © 1999 (including translation of Ps. 131)