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This project has just been started... feel free to browse!

CURRENT STATUS: Working on Foundational Issues...

  • Working on the book of Isaiah.

("Content" pages are slowly compiled with the "Bible" pages, and will not be completed until all the "Bible" pages have all been added.)

  • When will you reach the book of Revelation? Perhaps next year.

The Eco-bible project is coming to an end.

In a few days, this wiki will be shutting down.

It had been my goal to examine every Scripture passage that had a direct or indirect relevance to the issue of ecology and the environment. My method was to find every passage that might have relevance to the issue, and then to organize what the passages said, by topic. Then, after all the Scripture passages had been inputted into the database, I had hoped to write a summary of what Scripture said on each topic.

Accomplishing this project requires the simple (though time-consuming) task of looking at every Scripture passage, finding out what it says, and then arranging it by topic. The difficult aspect has to do with time. I managed to successfully input data from most of the Old Testament (that is, halfway through Isaiah), before life circumstances changed, and there was no longer time available to accomplish the task.

It has been close to a decade that I have been unable to do further work on the wiki. Almost none of the topic pages have been completed; and since I was not able to get to the New Testament, only half of the story is presented. (At times, the New Testament amplifies or compliments the Old Testament focus, without contradicting it. So without the New Testament data, we do not get the full story.)

In its incomplete form, the information in this wiki is essentially useless to those who might stumble across it. But I have personally learned much - having already read through both Old and New Testaments with this focus. So though, in many respects, shutting it down is a disappointment, I can’t say that the project was totally in vain – at least for me.

One of the major disappointments is the fact that so many people think that the Bible does not say much about ecology - and some people go so far as to falsely accuse the Bible as being the cause of our ecological problems. In reality, the Bible says much about ecology and the environment... but not what we want to hear. And when people search for the things they do want to hear and don’t find them, they conclude that the Bible is silent.

The Bible says much – significantly more than I realized, when first I began the project. There is no way I could describe it all here. But I will mention that it points out repeatedly (in both Old and New Testaments) the connection between ecology and judgment or blessing - especially on a national level. By implication, it also explains why the modern ecology movement will fail - or perhaps even backfire and result in greater problems. It shows the relationship between ecological issues and moral issues - something that the modern ecological movement denies (or redefines into a meaningless concept). Finally, it also points out our responsibility as individuals to treat creation in a way that honors God, whether or not others are doing so.

These issues and more are there in the Bible. My failure to complete this project does not make them go away. And even though people may live in denial about what the Bible says on the topic, its message remains a warning – an ignored warning – that will testify against us at the final day of judgment.

Welcome to the the eco-Bible!

(Note that most of the pages are still "in process", and won't be complete until after all the Bible Pages are added.)

Rationale Issues / Concepts
Anyone can blindly...
• do what may seem right for the moment, and prove short-sighted in the long run.
• solve one problem by creating another.
• focus on minor issues and ignore the major.

Our goal is to...

• understand the foundation which defines what is right.
• know the basis for interpreting the value of one's choices.

This website focuses on the foundation on which we are to build our perspective of issues related to ecology and the environment.

This includes understanding the values that are to influence our actions.

Foundation & Key Concepts

The Past - How We Got Here

The Present - What We Can Do

The Future - What We Can Do

Moral Compass

Issues & Facts

Bible Passages


Every environmental action you take is a reflection of VALUES.

For instance, when you're out "saving whales"...
Are you more interested in saving the whales
... or saving the whalers?

Do you worship the creation, or the Creator? Do you value what God values?

Unless otherwise noted, all notes and comments are © by Dennis Hinks.